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Our media training package

Your training session is the most important portion of our work together.


We often do far more work before we walk in the door to make sure we're prepared to deliver a workshop that exceeds your expectations. And we make sure you're able to keep your new skills fresh by offering several ways to continue building upon what you learned during the training day.

Our media training package includes:
  • Extensive Research: Prior to your session, we will read dozens (or hundreds) of pages about your company or organization, review your audio and video clips, and conduct in-depth online research. Doing so allows us to customize our practice interview questions for each trainee and provide more informed feedback.

  • Detailed Preparation: We will work with you to develop a customized agenda (with tailored exercises) that guarantees we address the topics of greatest relevance to your group. 

  • On-Camera Training: We will provide a camera, tripod, and other equipment. Even trainings that emphasize print interviews often benefit from limited on-camera training. 

  • Takeaway Materials: Each participant (up to a set number) will receive a complimentary copy of our Amazon #1 PR bestseller, The Media Training Bible, along with our proprietary "message support stool" template.

  • Hosting: We can accommodate up to eight people in our executive board rooms in Washington, DC or New York City at no additional charge (or conduct the training at a location of your choosing).

  • Free Refresher Session: We offer a free telephone or Skype refresher session for each trainee (up to a set number) before their next scheduled interview.  

  • Free Post-Training Continuing Education: Trainees can continue their learning by:

  • No Per-Person Charges: Many of our competitors charge by the trainee, which makes sense, since they have to prepare specific questions for each person. However, we believe it's easier on the client to quote one flat-rate price regardless of group size -- so we do.