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What our clients say

Adrienne Lea, Communications Director, American Society of Nephrology
"Brad Phillips doesn’t just help leaders handle media, make presentations or meet crises with aplomb; he improves organizations."

Wendy Pearl, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Country Music Association

"When you mention "media training" to colleagues you can expect to hear "root canal" and the freezing over of, well, you know where in response to the idea. The only people excited about media training are the ones putting their executives in front of reporters, so you can understand why this is often put on the back burner.

Do not wait. Brad Phillips is a game changer.

Our executives are still buzzing about what they learned during our session. Brad was well versed, thoughtful, funny, engaging, and tailored our training to meet the specific needs of each participant. His preparation made a huge difference in maximizing our time and getting the desired results. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their interaction with the press, public speaking, or presentations.”

Tyra Lowman, Senior Director of Spas, Hilton Hotels and Resorts
"This was my seventh media training, and the best one I've ever had. No media trainer has ever made me feel this comfortable - and prepared - before."

Jordan LaPier, Press Secretary, Bipartisan Policy Center
"You told me when we first talked that you pride yourself on being extremely well prepared. I have to say I think you undersold it."

OSF Healthcare Media Relations Team
"We are getting GREAT feedback from your speech to 180 of our presidents and other leaders. We did a five-question survey after the event. You as the speaker were rated 9.4/10. One attendee wrote, ‘Brad was outstanding. His knowledge is real, not canned.’ Another said, ‘Amazing speaker... very charismatic and, of course, exudes what he is teaching.’

We had a very positive experience from beginning to end. Brad tailored the experience to our needs and it was obvious that he did HOURS of research on our organization and leaders. That impressed us just about as much as anything.”

Alice Meadows, Director of Communications, Global Research, Wiley
"I worked with Phillips Media Relations on a series of message and presentation training sessions for around 40 colleagues globally – quite a challenge given their different levels of experience and confidence. Brad delivered training after training that met everyone’s needs, as shown by the enthusiastic feedback from all the participants. His impressive understanding of our business, his ability to deliver constructive and effective feedback, his deep and well-researched knowledge of best practices in presentation, and his consistent good humor made him an absolute delight to work with. I recommend him highly."

Kate Krauss, Managing Director, Slow Food U.S.A.
"It’s difficult to overstate just how remarkable and effective our training sessions with Phillips Media Relations have been. We signed up to get some help with how to talk with the media about a particular topic and ended up developing valuable skills for how to inspire a wide array of stakeholders. What we thought was a luxury has become key training for all our staff."

Dr. Harvey Fineberg, President, Institute of Medicine
"Brad Phillips knows his stuff and does his homework. His extensive preparation in advance of our session enabled us to take full advantage of the time we had together. I gained a great deal from the experience."

Jack Hayes, Director, National Weather Service
"Your media training helped me improve my communication to the public through the broadcast media - an important skill contributing to the success of our public safety mission. After the training, I feel more confident in front of a camera - and it shows in my interview performance.

Elizabeth Horton, Director of Public Relations, Organic Valley
"Brad and Christina are seasoned experts who adapted right into our culture and 'got' us, while impressing upon us the importance of targeting our external audience. They went above and beyond to understand the news-related challenges we face. They are not only highly skilled trainers, but also engaging and compassionate individuals."

Kraig Kann, LPGA Chief Communications Officer
"We're looking to grow our following across many platforms which makes a media strategy vitally important for our staff and players. Phillips Media Relations not only has a good plan, but valuable examples and insight to make it come to life. Brad and his team spent a day with our executives training, sharing and preaching that when it comes to the message, it's not the 'what' that's important, it's the 'why' that helps you win public support. We're more ready than ever to carry our story of momentum into media circles!"

Beth Kampschror, Communications Coordinator, Greater Yellowstone Coalition
"The feedback from the staff was off-the-charts positive. The techniques we learned are already bearing fruit: One quote in the AP, one good story in the local paper and local television. I apologize for the cliché, but ‘game changer’ is a phrase that really fits the magic you worked in Montana."

Scott Frank, Senior Director, Media Relations, The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
"Christina did an excellent job in tailoring two workshops to our audience and being engaging. We got some genuinely awesome feedback at the end. And these folks aren't easily impressed!"

Madeline Caldwell, PR Manager, Sheppard Pratt Health System
"We were very impressed with Christina. She came fully prepared and held the attention of 15 physicians for a full day, while also making the group feel very comfortable with the process. Christina conducted effective media training to a room of seasoned and novice spokespersons alike with grace and confidence. And we've seen the results pay off in interviews!"

Wes Shirley, Senior Manager, Communications, Charter Communications
"Phillips Media Relations is an essential tool for any spokesperson...[their] knowledge and insight of journalism is a huge benefit to prepare trainees on how to confidently handle interviews of all types."

Roger Phelps, Promotional Communications Manager, STIHL, Inc.
"We expected a superior program and were not disappointed. My executives had nothing but positive comments about their training experience, and trust me they don't impress easily. A great investment for our company."

Deirdre Breakenridge, Author, Social Media and Public Relations and P.R. 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences
"The executives learned a tremendous amount from the session and they showed noticeable improvement by the end of the 4-hour period...I've been in media training sessions before and this was by far the BEST!! I will only use Phillips Media Relations moving forward."

Martha Piper, Senior Vice President, RARE
“This media training is the best I’ve had. It laid a theoretical groundwork but focused on practical ways I could improve. We spend a lot of time talking about ‘what’ we do; Brad taught us the importance of also talking about ‘why’ we do it.”

Arezoo Miot, Senior Program Officer, Institute of International Education
In this video testimonial, Arezoo Miot of the Institute of International Education reflects on her experience in our presentation training workshop:

Linda K. Carlisle, Corporate Communications Manager, Elkay Manufacturing
"Brad Phillips possesses a piercing knowledge of the media, their appetites and how to manage them effectively. He comes armed with a wealth of real-world case studies that made our executives sit up and take communication seriously. His ability to engage people made these training sessions an unqualified success...and, he's funny!  A++!"

Pat Picariello, Director, Developmental Operations, ASTM International
“Your media training workshop was one of the most rewarding training sessions I've had during my tenure at ASTM; the practical applications of the training (and the thought process supporting it) are such that I can immediately plug them into my daily interactions.”

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
“Brad Phillips worked with us under a tight deadline and customized his approach to our situation…one of our senior managers called it the best training of any sort in which he had participated.”

Dennis Kelly, Director, National Zoo, Washington, D.C
“In a very short period of time, Brad was able to pinpoint some areas of improvement. He provided very effective coaching and tips I will definitely use. I feel much more confident!”

Robert Enlow, Executive Director, Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
"Phillips Media Relations provided the best media training I have had. Their preparation, personalized attention, dedication to detail and natural training ability helped make all of us who participated much better at our job. I can't wait to use them again."

Brian Waniewski, Managing Director, Institute of Play
"The expert media trainers and workshop facilitators at Phillips Media Relations gave my team the skills they need to effectively and artfully shape the conversation during interviews -- on and off screen -- as well as become more effective communicators at the office and beyond. Thanks!"

Scott Croft,
AVP Public Relations, Boat U.S.
"I hope to hire Phillips again -- everyone learned a lot and it was an eye-opening process -- exactly what I wanted. Everyone now has the same agenda: defining our messages, our slogan...the big picture stuff."

Laura Gore, Public Relations Director, American College of Emergency Physicians

Mr. Phillips trained several large groups and received high marks from everyone. Not only did he demonstrate real-time improvements to people’s skills, but he did it in an entertaining and highly effective manner. I would highly recommend him.”

Matt Schmidt, Communications Manager, International Trademark Association
“Excellent, targeted training with an easygoing though professional instructor. Saw a difference right away in our performance.”

Marc Pachter, Former Director, Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery
"My training turned a complete cynic about the need for media training into a believer. I thought I knew 100% about media interactions, but now it's 130%."

Mike Knesevitch, Director of Communications, Trade Exchange Network
"Media training with Phillips Media Relations was one of the best investments I've made."

Tracy Gleason, President, The Gleason Foundation
"Phillips Media Relations takes media training to a whole new level through their intense preparation, tailored, hard-hitting questions and real-life experience in the media world. They went the extra mile…I would recommend them to anyone!"

Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director, Action Without Borders
"Phillips Media Relations did a great job preparing for the workshop. They knew our work and we achieved all of our goals. I would recommend them to anyone."

Duke Chung, CEO, Parature
"It was clear from the start that PMR's media training is anything but cookie cutter. The specific messaging and interview techniques they worked with us on, along with the enlightening videotaping of mock interviews, made a big difference in just one day.”

Candi Puren Grow, County Medical Society Executive
"Your session was awesome. Period."

Dr. Elizabeth Shane, President, The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
"This is a very valuable experience. Phillips expended a great deal of time and effort making this training relevant to our specific situation. I highly recommend this firm."

Dr. Sydney L. Cousin, Superintendent of Schools, Howard County, Maryland
"I learned a great deal of useful information - it was an enlightening and informative day. Money well spent!"

Karen Stewart, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
"This workshop will have a tremendous impact on our organization. It helped a group of tentative spokespeople become more thoughtful, excited and confident about working with the media. And they had fun doing it!"

Don Murphy, Former Delegate, Maryland House of Delegates
"I'm only sorry I didn't take this training before I served 8 years in office…"

Lori Prokop, Author, How to Heal Abuse and Create What You Want in Your Life
"Brad Phillips helped us take pages and pages of research and facts and hone them into persuasive 30 second sound bites which made our points clearly. As a result, our first interviews resulted in being asked back for more interviews."

Patricia Plympton, U.S. Department of Energy
"I was asked to be a spokesperson for a national energy efficiency campaign and to be interviewed on national television. I was dreading this, but now I feel prepared and much more confident!"

Dr. Lee Hannah, The Center for Applied Biodiversity Science
PMR knows the media from the inside-out and excels at putting technically accurate messages and the media together. They have exceptional instincts about the media, can articulate and turn those instincts into strategies, and do so with pinpoint accuracy and contagious energy."

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